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My fourth collaborative outing with NY-based artist Brian Alfred. Our first film Overload, back in 2004 was a more-or-less literal translation of his paintings set in motion. Our second, Beauty in Danger in 2014, is a more abstract interpretation of his work. In our third film Light, Brian took a selection of my photos and re-interpreted them in his style, which I then took back and animated. We followed a similar format on this project.

LA TRANCE is a snapshot of life in Los Angeles under COVID, particularly in the early days when the shutdown emptied the streets and markets. Set to electronic artist Four Tet's hypnotizing titular track, it's an immersion into a silence the city hasn't known in a century, and hopefully not soon again.

The photographs that Brian re-interpreted are part of a larger ongoing series about the shutdown in Los Angeles, some of which are featured in the gallery below. A full gallery can be visited on my photography site here.


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